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The Game of Accommodation Reservations
500,00 EUR (MINI - quick), 2500,00 EUR (MIDI - medium term), 5000,00 EUR (MAXI - longer term)
  • Prepaid or realised booking(s) from this website, rewarded with free betting square(s)
  • Refundable booking deposit 25,00 EUR per betting square
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Short description
Each round of our bingo games up to a draw consists of 25 (Mini), 125 (Midi) or 250 (Maxi) numbered betting squares. They represent realised or prepaid bookings, made via Booking.com or Hotellook platform on this website or refundable booking deposits of 25,00 EUR each. When a table is complete (red), the bingo game ends with automatic online draw for the prize 500,00, 2500,00 and 5000,00 EUR, initiated by double randomness algorithms software.
Bingo games MINI, MIDI and MAXI
There are 3 different games to play. BB MINI table contains 25 squares to bet on, so the fastest to be completed to the draw, but minimum winnings 500,00 EUR per round. BB MIDI contains 125 betting squares to fill and the winnings 2500,00 EUR. As the name tells, medium period is expected to the draw. BingoBookings MAXI is with the highest winning: 5000,00 EUR. There are 250 bet squares to fill and finish a round to the draw.
Visitors can choose which type of BingoBookings to participate -- it is possible at 2 or all.
Buy a square (refundable)
Buy square(s) with booking deposit (25,00 EUR) refunded with future bookings from this site or book planned accommodation below and play alterwards.
Book an accommodation clicking the banner(s) below to gain a free square to participate in this round or to refund your square payments. Winners are welcome to choose the accommodation here, which will be then paid by BingoBookings. More in Rules.
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2.369,000 + hotels, apartments, villas and more at 85.000 destinations worldwide
Compare prices among 30+ booking platforms like Booking.com, Agoda, Hotels.com, Hostelworld etc. and book.
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Dear hotel owners worldwide!
Attract future guests with a present if they book your property directly - free Bingo Bookings betting squares to participate in bingo games for its winnings! We will list and advertise your property for free in new platform in construction we shall introduce soon. See more info.
Recently joined
The present for direct reservation: Each 250,00 EUR booking amount = 1 free bet square!
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About bingo games
According to known data, such a popular game today originated in Italy, in the year 1530, where it was called 'Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia', and the players were drawing the numbers on the cards themselves. From there, in 1770 the game spread to France, named Le lotto - played by mostly wealthy French - and further to Germany. The bingo game we mostly know today reached the USA in1929, where it was an indispensable part of the fun at country fairs. Her name was Beano because the numbers on the cards were written with beans. It was first played in Atlanta, where Bingo games were taken over by toy dealer Edwin S. Lowe, who later invented 6,000 different cards with his mathematician friend. It is also interesting that he renamed the game Bingo when once a player made a mistake and instead of Beano shouted Bingo at the victory.
Basically today, the most widely used variants are the American, with 75 numbered balls taken from the drum by the caller, and the players mark-off the numbers on 5 × 5 squares with 25 numbers. In the UK they play a 90-ball version, the Bingo card is called a ticket and contains 27 spaces, 9 columns and 3 rows. In substance, however, the games are actually the same.
The popularity and prevalence
As we can see, bingo games have gained a lot of popularity. Even today, there are large and small Halls of Bingo, as well as organized gatherings in nursing homes and church meetings. Today, it may be less because of the expansion to the Internet of all possible variaties.. There is practically no casino where games would not be included in the offer.
Comparing Bingo Bookings to Bingo
Many more things have guided us in the development and launch of Bingo Bookings website. As the name implies, this is a reservation game that people make on booking platforms, looking forward to to a planned vacation. With Bingo Bookings, the added emphasis is that booking can be extra fun because of the thrill of expecting a hit, which can be quite common and provides free holidays. The biggest difference is that in each of the 3 bingo games variants (winnings) the player picks a number or more and does not mark - off, and the draw only occurs when the tables are full. Also noteworthy is the fact that no one loses in Bingo Bookings: If a visitor wants to participate immediately, they can make a deposit on a future accommodation reservation – 25,00 EUR per betting number - (mandatory via Booking.com or Hotellook with multiple platforms) from our, Bingo Bookings website, which upon request and the booking is refunded or exchanged for the code as a payment for the new betting square (s) with numbers. Bookings from other website are not valid. Visitors to Bingo Bookings who have previously booked can request a code to pay for their bets immediately if the reservation has been prepaid (100% advance) or when it has been used - consumed – cancelled bookings are not taken into account.
Details (Rules, FAQS, About) can be viewed inside the page. While booking and participating in another bingo games round, I wish you lots of fun and, of course, a major hit. The number of these, however, depends most on the traffic to the site - theoretically, the rounds can continue for an hour and a half. Therefore, if you like Bingo Bookings, then recommend it on social networks to your friends, thank you.
Milan P. Marn, Chief Developer
Lamarcom LLC, DE, USA
Contact EU: 386 (0)40 210 210
Mail: info@bingobookings.com
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