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Each round of BingoBookings game up to a draw consists of 25 (Mini), 125 (Midi) or 250 (Maxi) numbered betting squares. They represent realised or prepaid bookings, made via Booking.com or Hotellook platform on this website or refundable booking deposits of 25,00 EUR each. When a table is complete (red), the game ends with automatic online draw for the prize 500,00, 2500,00 and 5000,00 EUR, initiated by double randomness algorithms software.
BingoBookings MINI, MIDI and MAXI
There are 3 kinds of the game to play. BB MINI table contains 25 squares to bet on, so the fastest to be completed to the draw, but minimum winnings 500,00 EUR per round. BB MIDI contains 125 betting squares to fill and the winnings 2500,00 EUR. As the name tells, medium period is expected to the draw. BingoBookings MAXI is with the highest winning: 5000,00 EUR. There are 250 bet squares to fill and finish a round to the draw.
Visitors can choose which type of BingoBookings to participate -- it is possible at 2 or all.
Buy a square (refundable)
Buy square(s) with booking deposit (25,00 eur) refunded with future bookings from this site or book planned accommodation below and play alterwards.
Book an accommodation clicking the banner(s) below to gain a free square to participate in this round or to refund your square payments. Winners are welcome to choose the accommodation here, which will be then paid by BingoBookings. More in Rules.
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