FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the essence of BingoBookings game?
    BingoBookings is an innovative, funny, easy and useful online game - presents a sort of a travel fund. It was developed for all, who enjoy to travel and book tourist accommodation worldwide to participate and win practically free holidays per round.
  • What is the purpose of
    Many wish to afford holidays with higher budget, but book less costing accommodation or for shorter period. Participating at, everyone has a big chance to win 5000,00 EUR prize with the booking deposit 25,00 EUR or realised bookings above 700,00 EUR!
  • Is playing BingoBookings possible only with deposits payments?
    No, realised booking from this website can bring a free square. Note, please: You can collect - save several less costing bookings and as they reach 700,00 EUR, they are worth 1 free square. You just fill 'Request for gratis square, based on realized bookings'.
  • What is the chance to win 5000,00 EUR?
    There is no similar higher probability to win the prize comparing gambling options elsewhere. Example:
    • 1 number deposited of possible 250 gives the chance to win the prize with the ratio 1:250
    • 2 numbers deposited of 25,00 EUR - 1:125
    • 5 numbers deposited of 25,00 EUR - 1:50
    • 10 numbers deposited of 25,00 EUR - 1:25
    For instance: The deposit of 5 squares cost (125,00 EUR) means the possibility to become the winner among 50 participants of the current round. The difference between prize 5000,00 EUR and the investment in this case is 4875,00 EUR to spend, not to be mentioned the investment can be used later on bookings.
    Ratio comparison with some of popular games: 1: 250!
    Lottery: 1 : 13.365.856
    Eurojackpot: 1 : 76.275.360
  • Why are 25,00 EUR payments called deposits?
    Deposit payments ARE NOT WASTED like lottery tickets or bet slips! Each 25,00 EUR deposit of a finished round can be either refunded or changed for a free square in following rounds (Deposit Refund Request).
  • How the deposit of 25,00 EUR can be refunded without any loss?
    As an affiliate partner of - Hotellook, we simply waive the commissions on the bookings, as all valid bookings are to be made through these platforms on the BingoBookings website. If not, there is no commission and the deposit cannot be refunded or changed for a gratis square.
  • Is it possible to pay more numbers - BB squares?
    Yes, the number of squares to pay is unlimited. Choose available green squares numbers you prefer with a click to turn to yellow. Another click on the chosen number means the cancellation of the choice.
  • In what way the payments are done?
    The payments are done via PayPal, filling the payment form and clicking Forward button. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can choose their option to pay with a credit/ debit card or open your PayPal account there. If you wish to pay via bank transfer, send the bank transfer payment request and we'll send you our bank account data.
  • When do draws occur?
    When the ultimate of all 250 squares is red, an automatic random draw of the current round's numbers initiates on first full hour. The winning number will be seen at the website immediately after. New and previous winners can be seen at Winners List. After the draw, the winner is notified via email.
  • How long does it take a round with all 250 squares are paid?
    There are no time limits. It depends on how popular the website is (will be). If more participate worldwide at the same time, each round takes the period of payment procedures only, so approximately 25 minutes. If not, the draw has to wait for the last square to turn red. We count on many satisfied participants of BingoBookings game to recommend it to friends and followers via social networks.
  • Does the winner of 5000,00 EUR have any obligation?
    The only obligation is that we book and pay the winner's desired accommodation after his request. After free holidays experience, the winner is welcome to post his review on our website (Winners' Reviews). We insist on a short review at least in order to eliminate any suspicion of scam or fraud.
  • Can I buy number(s) for someone else as a gift?
    Yes, you are welcome to cheer up the ones you love or friends. When you fill the form to buy numbers, enter the name the gift is for in Personal Data Form. When a payer receives the paid invoice, he should print it and then give it personally or send it to the loved person.
  • When the website started?
    It was first published in early 2020.
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