BingoBookings Rules

  • Each round consists of one current field with 10 joined 5x5 squares, a total of 250 squares, numbered 1 - 250.
  • Participants choose the square with the desired (or more) number with a click(s), when available (green colour). Pressing the button Confirm, the payment form appears. During this procedure, 'their' square(s) turns to orange, meaning the payment in process, so temporarily unavailable to other visitors. It is to prevent other payers to choose the same square meanwhile. If a participant terminates the process without a payment, the numbers turn green again and available.
  • After 250 completed fields (colored red), an automatic draw is launched with a random draw application algorhytm, which selects the winner of the current round, who is immediately notified via e-mail and appeares on the website in the column Previous Winner. The ultimate payer can launch the draw himself, pressing the DRAW BUTTON which becomes active for 5 minutes. If not pressed, the draw iniciates automatically.
  • The following new round field appears with free 250 green squares to be deposited.
  • Each payer receives the payment confirmation from PayPal and also BingoBookings by email with the paid invoice attached, which should be saved when claiming the prize 5000,00 EUR or the refund of 25,00 EUR deposit paid per number as a deposit to win the prize and for future booking an accommodation at via this website.
  • Time limits to implement guaranteed benefits in participating in
    - winnig prize 5000,00 EUR: No time limits
    - deposit 25,00 EUR refund as a booking discount: 1 year from the date of payment
  • BingoBooking prize 5000,00 EUR is intended strictly for booking holiday upon the winners deceision.
  • If the hotel/resort accommodation cost exceeds 5000,00 EUR prize, the winner pays the difference extra. When the accommodation cost is less than the prize amount, the difference will be transferred to the winner's account as consumption money.
  • BingoBooking winners can participate in further new rounds of BingoBookings.
  • The rest of participants of a complete round can change their deposit payment to the refund, so discount of 25,00 EUR:
    - The booking must be done via (logo banner on BingoBookings site.
    - The price of the accommodation must be at least 890,00 EUR
    - The deposit 25,00 EUR will be refunded after we receive the necessary data,filled in the form Deposit Payer Request.
    - Each deposit of 25,00 EUR is refunded at 1 booking.
    - The duration of each round depends on the willingness of participants and ofcourse popularity worldwide.
    - The sum of several payments as a discount is not possible for a single reservation. One deposit applies to the discount of one reservation.
  • Every payer receives the confirmation of the payment with the Payment ID number, obligatory when claiming the prize 5000,00 EUR or additional discount of 25,00 € he paid per square as a deposit to win the prize and for future booking an accommodation at via this website.
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