BingoBookings Rules

  • Current round of BingoBookings game online consists of one table with 250 numbered squares from 1 - 250.
  • Each BB square (number) represents either 25,00 EUR deposit or 700,00 EUR worth in realised bookings (one or more) from BingoBookings website.
  • To participate, a player chooses 1 or more squares with a click. They turn to yellow colour. Another click turns the yellow square back to available green, if a player decides so. All selected squares data appear at the bottom of the table: Selected squares, numbers and the amount to pay the deposit(s).
  • Clicking the button Confirm, the Payment form appears to enter necessary data. Skip the 'Code with 4 digits for 1 gratis square' field. This option is for participants, who sent the relevant request and received the code for a free BB square by email.
  • After 250 completed squares, an automatic draw is launched. Special double algorithm software randomly selects the winner of the current round who is immediately notified by email and appears in the column Winners List. After the ultimate payer, an automatic draw is launched on a coming full hour.
  • Right after, a new round and table with new 250 available squares appears.
  • Each payer receives the payment confirmation from PayPal and BingoBookings by email. It should be saved when claim the prize 5000,00 EUR as well as for the refund of 25,00 EUR deposits in case the participant already booked or will book in future an accommodation via booking portals or Hotellook banners.
  • Every payment can be checked with clicking the link 'Click here to check your squares'. The square(s), paid on behalf of the email address entered, turn to violet.
  • Time limits to implement guaranteed benefits in participating in
    - winning prize 5000,00 EUR: No time limits
    - deposit 25,00 EUR refund: 1 year from the date of payment
    - exchange of realised bookings, made through the BB website, for a free BB square: 3 years
  • BingoBooking prize 5000,00 EUR is intended strictly for booking holiday upon the winners' desire. If the winning square is a replacement for the reservation already made instead of the payment - deposit , a prize of EUR 5,000 is paid in the whole amount.
  • If a hotel/resort accommodation price exceeds 5000,00 EUR prize, the winner pays the difference extra. When the accommodation cost is less than the prize amount, the difference will be transferred to the winner's account as consumption money.
  • BingoBooking winners can always participate in further new rounds of BingoBookings game.
  • The rest of participants of a finished round can refund their deposit payment:
    - The booking must be done via or Hotellook banner (,, Expedia etc) on BB website).
    - The sum of the reservations (if there are several smaller ones) must be at least EUR 700.00 for 1 free BB square.
    - The deposit 25,00 EUR will be refunded after we receive the necessary data, entered in the form Deposit Refund Request.
    - Each deposit of 25,00 EUR is refunded for 1 realised booking.
  • Every payer receives a payment receipt, obligatory when claiming the prize 5000,00 EUR.
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