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BingoBookings Rules

  • There are 3 types of BingoBookings game: Mini, with 25 betting squares and major winning 500,00 EUR a round, Midi with 125 squares and winning 2500,00 EUR and Maxi, with 250 squares with major winning 5000,00 EUR a round. The deposit price per betting square in all is the same, 25,00 EUR. It is the same is with the required booking amount of 700,00 EUR as a replacement for the payment for a betting square.
  • The player can play all types of BingoBookings on any number of squares. Payments are separated due to different winnings.
  • To participate, the player chooses 1 or more squares with a click. The colour turns from green to yellow colour. Another click turns the yellow square back to available green. All selected squares' data appear at the bottom of the table: Selected squares, numbers and the amount to pay.
  • After the click the button Confirm, the payment form appears to enter necessary data. Skip the 'Code with 6 digits for 1 gratis square' field. This option is for participants, who received it due to the relevant request before and received the code for a free betting square by email as well as the payers via bank transfer.
  • After completed round (all squares are red), an automatic draw is launched. Special double algorithm software randomly selects the winner of the current round, who is immediately notified by email about it and newly appears in the column Winners List. After the last payment of a betting square , an automatic draw is launched at a first coming full hour. See Draw Simulation.
  • Immediately thereafter a new betting table with available squares sets up.
  • Payment certificates are received from PayPal (if wire transfer) or bank of a a bank account holder and Bingobookings. It is good to save them if you win the round and claim your winnings or refund your deposit.
  • Payments can be checked with clicking the link 'Check your squares here' above each betting table. The square(s), paid with deposit or received code, turn to violet colour with correct email address entered.
  • Time limits to implement guaranteed benefits in participating in BingoBookings.com:
    - winning prize 0 EUR: No time limits
    - deposit 25,00 EUR refund: 1 year from the date of payment
    - exchange of realized or prepaid reservation for free betting square: 3 years
  • Winnings are strictly intended for accommodation according to winner's desire which are paid by BingoBooking when requested. This prevents BingoBookings game to fall into restrictions of gambling laws.
  • If a hotel/ resort accommodation price exceeds the amount of the winnings, the winner pays the difference extra. When the accommodation cost is lower, the difference will be transferred to the winner's account as consumption money.
  • BingoBooking winners can always participate in further new rounds of BingoBookings games.
  • The rest of participants of a finished round can refund their money deposit or change it for a new betting square:
    - With the booking from BingoBooking website; It must be done via Booking.com banner or Hotellook, containing a special affilliate code.
    - The total amount of one or more bookings must be at least 700,00 EUR for 1 bet square of 25,00 EUR.
    - To refund the deposit with money transfer, the participant needs to fill and send Deposit Refund Request.
  • · If any further information needed, contact us, please.
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